Quality Policy

Quality Policy

- NETAŞ MADENCİLİK; to provide high standards of product service in national and international bentonite and cat litter sector, considering customer satisfaction with capacity, quality, diversity, continuity and after sales service guarantee,

- In line with customer's wishes and expectations, by  adopting the principle of customer focus, using multi-faceted communication methods to meet customer demands continuously within the framework of the understanding of timely  and accurate delivery, to increase the existing customer satisfaction and confidence,

- To ensure that the necessary and sufficient quality understanding is realized in every step of the products carrying NETAŞ mining brands, from production and supply stage to reaching the end consumer stage, and to increase the awareness and quality in the sector,

- To provide necessary and adequate training to all employees of the company with the understanding of expert staff, to increase their professional and personal development and to ensure that company targets are reached in the best time, best cost and best quality with each passing year.,

- Ensure that the quality management system, which is established in accordance with the relevant standards and legal regulations, is continuously improved in compliance with the requirements and effectiveness,

- To show importance to energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity through the re-utilisation of raw materials and products we use with our investments as a company, to contribute to the economy of the country thanks to our export targets, to ensure that the welfare level of people rises, to create organizations that are leading in the sector, with high image, respected, socially responsible,

- To achieve success in the sector as an organization that tries to foresee all risks and opportunities that can be brought by the cosmetics, paper, casting, ceramic, Detarjan and cat litter sectors regarding bentonite both in Turkey and in the world, and to ensure the sustainability of this success,


We undertake that the articles specified in this policy will be applied, that they will be understood at all levels of the organization, that their effectiveness will be periodically reviewed and that our achievements will continue.